Vorsselmans also offers innovative window systems by Vitrocsa, an ultra-sleek Swiss concept that will appeal to many architects and principals. The entire system is beautifully designed with recessed tracks and frames in the floor or in the structure of the building so only the glass panels remain visible. The maximum glass surface (18m2) can be used with ultrathin frames in between panels (18mm) for minimal disruption of the view. Vitrocsa windows meet the highest technical standards, the thermal insulations are guaranteed and the system offers perfect sealing. The number of moving parts is limitless.   Vitrocsa excels in:

  • Design: thanks to a combination of minimalist design and maximum functionality Vitrocsa is ideally suited for most prestigious building projects.
  • Safety: a multi-point locking system and layered safety glass guarantee maximum safety. Moreover, the locks are mounted on the inside for minimum vulnerability to break-in.
  • Insulation: Vitrocsa provides optimum energy efficiency thanks to three thermal breaks. The ratio between the relatively large glass surface and the sleek profile results in excellent thermal insulaton values.

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