The new accommodation of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will be provided with an imposing, transparent façade by VGV Façades. Commissioned by construction consortium EMA, VGV Façades is engineering, producing and assembling about 10,500 m² of element façades with manual spray ventilation, almost 4,800 m² of curtain walls and about 6,750 metres of shaped steel for photovoltaic fins.

Building type Offices
Location Amsterdam
Architect Atelier Rijksbouwmeester + MVSA Architects
Contractor DURA Vermeer + Heijmans

A smart, fast and responsible approach

VGV Façades is a collaboration between Vorsselmans and the Dutch firm De Groot & Visser. The experienced façade specialists will each take on a part of the construction. Vorsselmans will take care of the plinth with curtain wall and DG&V of the element façades. “Our cooperation offers advantages,” says project director Gérard Ruiters of VGV Façades. “As a result, the construction consortium has two engineering, production and procurement companies at its disposal. This provides us with the necessary capacity and efficiency for this extensive work. And with the scarcity in construction in mind, we limit the risks.”

Smart façade solutions

As early as the tendering phase, VGV Façades’ engineers were involved in the project to help think of smart façade solutions. “One of these solutions involved fins,” says Ruiters. “These are located throughout the building. We opted for a set aluminium construction that we could easily connect to the load-bearing system. For the element façade, we developed a new profile in collaboration with Schüco. This allows us to quickly and easily assemble the elements, which come ready-made and include fins from our factory. We assemble on two floors simultaneously. Every week we deliver a floor.”

2400 elements

“In October 2018, we started producing element façades,” continues Ruiters. “About 2400 individual elements are needed for the tower. We have produced all of those. The elements go to the construction site in large packages, where we lay them out on the right floor and prepare and assemble them. In August 2019, the element façades should be ready.” The curtain walls on the plinth are also currently being assembled. They will be assembled and glazed on site. The fins will be fitted to the flying façades on site.

Keep it moving

“A challenging project,” says Ruiters. “The construction time is incredibly short. We have to keep the train of work we have set up with all parties moving in order to meet the deadline. This requires continuous coordination, but also mutual transparency, flexibility and understanding for each other. Even if something cannot be done. Working fast is important, but it must remain responsible and safe.”

 reference to article Stedenbouw, edition 755

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