Algemene Voorwaarden

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Vorsselmans is an active member of De Federatie van Aluminium Constructeurs or FAC (Federation of Aluminium Manufacturers) in Belgium.

The FAC is an independent and strong organisation of companies that are active in the aluminium façade construction and window and in the production of façade elements. By defining standards and criteria, the quality level is standardised and systematically raised. That means that the window manufacturers that meet the FAC Quality Requirements and Recommendations are able to distinguish themselves as being of high quality.

Vorsselmans adheres to the standards and criteria determined by FAC.

The Netherlands

Vorsselmans is an active member of the VMRG façade builders (Vin the Netherlands. VMRG façade builders respect the VMRG Requirements and Recommendations® and are in the possession of the VMRG quality mark®). The standards associated with the inspections are stated in the VMRG Requirements and Recommendations®. Of course, metal frames, windows, doors, conservatories and curtain walls comply with the requirements set out in the Building Decree, but VMRG façade builders impose a number of important additional requirements.

In doing so, the VMRG ensures optimum quality promotion in the façade construction market. The topicality of the standards is ensured by adapting the VMRG Requirements and Recommendations® to developments in technology and to changes in regulations.

Vorsselmans adheres to the rules and criteria determined by the VMRG.