About us

Groepsfoto Vorsselmans

Group Vorsselmans is a leading specialist in the field of aluminium windows and façades. For over 40
years, we’ve been designing, installing and fitting top-quality windows and complex façade constructions.
In 2007 we also started installing solar panels on industrial and residential buildings.
Leading family business

Our portfolio includes countless small and larger projects in Belgium and the Netherlands. Time and again, we are successful with our comprehensive approach to building projects: we think along with the architect and the principal, we carry out our own thorough technical study and consult closely with the other partners throughout the implementation of the project. Moreover, our individual approach guarantees top quality from start to finish.

Partnership with Schüco

We exclusively work with the German Schüco system. Why? Simple: this system meets the most stringent quality demands and offers the best guarantees of a flawless end result. Moreover, thanks to our partnership with Schüco all products are perfectly geared to each other.

Whether it’s windows, façades or solar panels, Vorsselmans stands for cooperation, commitment and excellence. Curious to see what that means in real terms? Watch our video:

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