Some of our sustainable and innovative window and façade solutions in the retail industry. 

Why Vorsselmans?

Quality for the customer

A sustainable project

Quality is what makes customers happy, we know that to be true. That’s why we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that your project will last a lifetime.

Paying attention to sustainable materials, our carbon footprint and easy upkeep, we turn every façade project into a success.

Experience and expertise

The right team for your project

We invest in our people and it shows: our experts have extensive experience and find the best solution, no matter how complicated your project may be. That means you get to enjoy your gorgeous façade or windows quickly and safely.

A custom project, in collaboration with the architect, builder and other construction parties.


Service & maintenance 

We make sure your façade will last a lifetime. That means that we will support you in taking care of your project after delivery. Within your maintenance contract, we perform preventive maintenance on hardware, inspect all seals and check the surface treatment.

More information on our projects?

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