Vorsselmans Vitrocsa aluminium ramen
Vorsselmans Vitrocsa aluminium ramen

Go for the innovative sliding windows by Vitrocsa or Cortizo, ultra sleek windows that steal hearts in the construction world.

The systems are beautifully designed and make your profiles blend in with the floor or structure of the building, so you can only see the glass.




Some of our projects

Minimalistic housing projects

Vorsselmans Vitrocsa aluminium ramen

Modern home

A complete realisation in Uccle
Vorsselmans Vitrocsa aluminium ramen

Renovation townhouse

A beautiful project in Ghent
Vorsselmans Vitrocsa aluminium ramen

Farmhouse renovation

A rustic minimalistic style on the seaside
Vorsselmans Vitrocsa aluminium ramen

Modern penthouse

Vitrocsa in the heart of Brussels
Vorsselmans Vitrocsa aluminium ramen

Guillotine sliding window

Huis Van Lorreinen in Mechelen
Vorsselmans Vitrocsa aluminium ramen

Home and poolhouse renovation

Huge minimalistic sliding windows
Vorsselmans aluminium ramen en deuren

Modern home

A complete realisation in Ghent
Vorsselmans Vitrocsa aluminium ramen

Home renovation

Vitrocsa in the heart of Bruges

Why Vorsselmans?


There’s nothing minimalistic about our high-quality aluminium windows and doors. We’re known for our innovative and reliable teams and solutions.

We take care of everything ourselves, from the manufacturing to the instalment.

In-depth expertise

Our expert teams have vast experience in the minimalistic housing industry. They know like no other that the building and renovating industry is always moving. That’s why they focus on keeping up to date with the latest developments and trends.

Because of their expertise and knowledge, Vorsselmans is known for its innovation and the way we handle complicated projects.

Top-notch service

Our solutions are minimalistic to fit your style, but our service offering is huge. After completion, we are always ready to help you repair any damages and take care of your investment.

Realisations in minimalism

Not the style for you?

Check out our other styles


Create an authentic look


Modern housing

Any questions? We’re happy to help!

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