Project construction

Public buildings

Some of our sustainable and innovative window and façade solutions in public construction.

Why Vorsselmans?

Quality: an eyecatcher

Sustainable materials

Our projects are known for their quality, that much is true. But while we strive for high-quality realisations, we also care about the sustainability of our projects.

Your project in the public sphere is also one for the long term. That’s why we always choose materials that are sustainable and consider the planet. That’s how we attempt to decrease our Carbon Footprint and why cradle to cradle is often the norm.

Years of experience

The foundation of a strong project

A strong team that works like a well-oiled machine is the best foundation of a successful project. That is why our experts use their years of experience and expertise to deliver your windows and facades on time, safely and neatly. With respect for your wishes, and in collaboration with other construction experts.

Service you can rely on

Service & maintenance 

After we deliver your windows and façades, you won’t be alone. On the contrary: we provide an extensive maintenance service so your project can stand the test of time. We perform preventive maintenance on hardware, inspect all seals and check the surface treatment. A maintenance contract lets you enjoy your investment worry-free.

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