TNO, Leiden

Located at the Bio Science Park Leiden, the Leeds Bio Science Building is internationally renowned as a leading life-science knowledge cluster and considered as one of the top five Bio Science parks in Europe.

Building type Education
Location Leiden
Architect Centrum Architecten
Contractor BOBgroep

A complete façade realisation

Vorsselmans was responsible for phase 4: high-rise. This part concerned new construction and Vorsselmans was responsible for the complete façade realisation. The building is 40 m high and has a total of 6,000 m² of (curtain) façade, consisting of glass, glass panels (white) and grids (grey).

The visibly curved corners are actually curved (not segmented). At the front of the building, the façade slopes away twice at different angles, creating a canopy at the entrance and a roof terrace on the second highest floor. Structurally, this makes for an interesting junction twice.

The biggest challenge, however, was the limited construction site combined with the building height. Indeed, there was not much available space as the construction site was enclosed by water and another building.

Let’s take a look at the beautiful result.

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