Under the name InnovOcean Campus the Flemish Institute for the Sea (VLIZ), its project partners and the Ostend branch of the ILVO (Instituut voor Landbouw-, Visserij- en Voedingsonderzoek) now have a new, shared complex next to the dunes. The complex houses offices, a congress centre, a library, a studio, physicochemical laboratories and laboratories for aquaculture.

Building type Education
Location Oostende
Architect evr architecten
Contractor Algemene bouw Maes, Groep Van Roey

A challenging project

This project was extremely interesting: a part of the project area was a natural monument and there were underground power lines to take into consideration. The laboratories with seawater to conduct sea experiments in controlled circumstances also asked for complex technical solutions.

The team of evr-architects came up with an open, functional and contemporary concept. The theme of sea and water is reflected in all the material choices. For example: the façade is decorated with a blue glass mosaic. The reflection, smoothness and the light refraction on the façade mirror the colours we often see at the coast.

For the floors and joinery, the architects were inspired by the colours of sea sand. The design stimulates collaboration and an exchange of knowledge. The design is both circular and modular and the spaces can be adapted.

A beautiful blue façade that mirrors the colours of our coast.

Sustainability throughout the building

InnovOcean Campus is a compact BEN-building (Almost Energy Neutral) with a maximum energy score (E-peil) of 30. Sustainability is an important theme, which shows in the choice for low maintenance materials, the usage and reusing of water, integral accessibility, daylight and acoustic comfort.

Our team was responsible for the placing of 220 window (surrounded by stove-enamelled aluminium for a good joining with the mosaic) and 17 doors in AWS/ADS70 HI and 205 m² of curtain wall in FWS50, of which the ones on the top floors were executed as self supporting façades, covering several storeys.

Because of the closeness of the sea and the laboratories in the building, was enamelled based on a 2-layer system with pre-anodisation. Because of the closeness of the tram line, the joinery also needed to meet certain acoustic demands. For example: the insulation panels of the BEN building are fitted with high-efficiency glass, surrounded by the necessary foil to ensure wind- and waterproofing.

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