Politiekantoor met appartementen

“Een gevel voor een appartementsgebouw in een dorpskern die anders is dan alle andere gebouwen.” – Dat was de boodschap van de bouwheer aan de architect.

LV architecten uit Wuustwezel heeft hiervoor een unieke gevel ontworpen met uitsluitend gebruik van glas en aluminium.


Building type Living
Location Wuustwezel
Architect LV-Architecten
Contractor KOVO Construct

A unique façade in the city centre

The facade consists of curtain wall elements of the Schüco system FWS60CV. A unique feature of this system is that all opening parts are integrated into the façade system, making them invisible in the façade surface. Also, the glass parapets are integrated into the posts without any additional features. This creates a highly transparent and safe façade filling.

Between the windows, aluminium cladding of the Alucobond type was used. These sheets were designed in a 3D model, creating relief in the facade. The architect describes this as follows: “The facade consists of a ‘grid’ of aluminum frames in which large windows are provided. By letting the aluminum frames stagger ‘randomly’, a certain playfulness is created in the streetscape. We believe that this brings a sufficient amount of liveliness and playfulness to the front facade, despite the fact that most of the spaces facing the street side are bedrooms.”

The bronze-coloured anodised coating creates a lively façade depending on the amount of light coming in. This respects natural tones.

The entire building is designed and constructed as an energy-neutral building – E-level 0. Using triple glazing, additional façade insulation, solar panels on the roof and heat pumps, users will enjoy neutral energy consumption over the course of the building’s lifetime.

This design satisfied the local government departments so much that it was decided to house the local police in the ground-floor commercial space.

Vorsselmans believes that with this project we have made it clear that apartment buildings do not always have to result in boring architecture.

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