Sterkens Security

Sterkens Security’s new headquarters in Beerse was built with energy efficiency in mind.

The practical side of things was important, yes, but the building also needed to be easy on the eyes. That’s why the outer façade was made entirely out of glass, which creates an enormously spacious feeling.

Building type Offices
Location Beerse
Architect E2B (Experience to Build)
Contractor De Pelsmaeker
An outdoor façade made entirely out of glass creates a spacious feeling

Kempen contractors

It was an impressive project characterised by some strong teamwork between companies from our region. Vorsselmans was responsible for the exterior joinery, Drooghmans-Limeparts from Balen created the white glass façade, Adams grondwerken from Merksplas did the exterior construction, Joris Van Dyck from Brecht supplied the heat pump, Theo Boons from Arendonk was responsible for ventilation and sanitary facilities, EG-ELEC took care of the electrical aspects, BOA Interior from Tielen finished the interior and Pglas from Tielen installed the glass walls.

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