Vorsselmans gevelbouw Basisschool 't Blokje
Vorsselmans gevelbouw Basisschool 't Blokje

BS 't Blokje

New build ’t Blokje in Loenhout is unique in many ways. Exceptional architecture and lively colours, an atypical mix of features and built to have a social impact. That’s the ultimate translation of DCA’s vision “more than construction“. Thanks to some amazing teamwork of all the parties involved.


Building type Education
Location Loenhout
Architect LV-Architecten
Contractor DCA

Focus on openness and connection

The design for this school’s campus was created by LV-architects under the watchful eye of Luk Vorsselmans. “Our assignment was twofold: on a macro level, we needed to figure out where to put the new school and on a micro level we needed to translate the concept of a broad school to buildings and sites”, explains Luk. “And you can interpret ‘broad’ broadly, because both the buildings and environment are used in the broadest sense. Both for the indoor and outdoor environment, everything revolves around the openness and connection. Large open spaces with a lot of glass panes connect the building to the outdoors. And the indoors includes connected classes instead of the old familiar corridor with closed-off classrooms. Everything is connected. There are even cocoons between classes, to accomodate students who need some extra support or peace and quiet, for instance.

Vorsselmans gevelbouw Basisschool 't Blokje

Multifunctional use

For LV-architects, sustainability goes beyond the energy score (E-peil). ‘t Blokje is sustainable when it comes to urban integration, architectural quality, accessibility, liveability and usability. Luk Vorsselmans: “We met the school’s demands with a concept that’s versatile and still showcases simplicity and uniformity. The school breaks with traditional expectations because behind every façade, there’s a ‘surprise’. The structure itself is simple but well-thought-out. The coloured panes add a playful aspect. But above all, the multifunctional purpose is what makes this campus so special. The users’ vision seeps into everything. That’s what happen when you involve all the stakeholders in the process. In this project, everyone pulled their weight and communicated well. The result is undeniable: this is the school of the future – one that adds to the happiness of every user.”

Vorsselmans gevelbouw Basisschool 't Blokje

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