Cambridge Road

Under the flag of VGV Facades UK Ltd. we will create two towers with a total of 274 homes in the heart of London. The towers have a shared plinth and are located next to the railway and Barking station. Because of this location, strict safety requirements apply – of course nothing should fall on the tracks.

Building type Living
Location London, UK
Architect Egret West & Stockwool
Contractor NU Living & Swan Housing Group

Four towers, 274 living units and 3,640 puzzle pieces

The assembly took us from august 2017 until december 2018. The facade is very detailed, with many elements. In total 2,640 puzzle pieces were needed to finish both towers. On average we produced and assembled 20 elements per day. Each element was glazed during production and some elements were provided with metal cassette cladding or corrugated steel sheeting to create an interesting and varied look.

Barking Housing Zone

London still has a housing shortage. This project is supported by investments from the ‘Barking Housing Zone’, an initiative by the mayor of London to ensure that housing remains affordable.

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