Cordeel HQ


Building type Offices
Location Temse
Architect Crepain Binst Architecture
Contractor Cordeel

Aluminium curtain walls

The new headquarters of general contractor Cordeel is located on the De Zaat site in Temse. At 15 m high, the building spans the 60 m wide dry dock above the dock gate that separates the old Boel yard from the Schelde. The building has two floors, which are surrounded by terraces, that offer a view of Temse, the Schelde bridge and the Schelde park.

The façade consists of aluminium curtain walls Schüco FWS60.SI with triple glazing. For the anchoring of the façade, we had to take the tolerances into account as deflection of the steel trusses occurs at the span of 72 m. To glaze the façade, we included a rail in the ceiling of the landings since the very beginning of the design process. With a glass piston in these rails, the glass can be manoeuvred along the façades. In the end façades, sliding windows Schüco ASS70.BE are also integrated into the curtain wall.

The floors are supported by the two concrete legs of the building on either side of the dry dock. The façades in these legs consist of very large glass sections. For this purpose, a steel structure was first provided for the façade, against which an aluminium superstructure Schüco AOC60.SI was shot.


Vorsselmans is realising the façades for the new head office of contractor Cordeel. A BIM model was made for this prestigious building at the client’s request. The curtain walls and their infills were modelled by Vorsselmans in 3D. By combining the model of the architect, the steel supplier and Vorsselmans, we were able to check whether everything fit together correctly.

Moreover, a lot of information was added to the geometry by means of parameters. A relevant selection of parameters was also exported to the IFC model, which could be consulted by all parties.

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