De Brug

Toen Unilever Nederland op zoek was naar een nieuw hoofdkantoor, kwamen architect JHK en bouwbedrijf Dura Vermeer op de proppen met een gewaagd ontwerp. Ze tekenden een kantoorgebouw met vier verdiepingen pal bovenop de margarinefabriek van Blue Band, aan de Nassaukade in Rotterdam.


Building type Offices
Location Rotterdam
Architect JHK
Contractor Dura Vermeer

Peculiar construction process

The building, dubbed ‘De Brug’ (the bridge) early on, fits in Rotterdams environment perfectly, as it is adorned by several striking bridges. It doesn’t just look spectacular, it was also a peculiar project to build. Because the butter factory needed to stay up and running during the construction phase, the new office was built 200 metres from its final destination.

The entire structure of the building was assembled at a nearby car park. The façade elements were placed from the inside. Over the course of a weekend, the entire thing was moved to its destination. With special transport on wheels, the building was “rolled” onto its rightful place, above the factory.


Complex execution

The client chose Vorsselmans as a façade partner because of the complexity of the execution. We never back down from a challenge and there were plenty of challenges for us to tackle. Due to a too large overspan and the large deflections the building makes because of it, the building needed to be as light as possible. We came up with a bunch of project-specific solutions to make sure all the requirements were met.

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