The Karel Doorman

On top op the existing Ter Meulen property at the heart of Rotterdam, a housing building of 70 metres high that offers enough space for 114 flats was built. This is a special project, because the new building was literally put on top of the columns and foundation of the existing building. This construction method is unconventional for the Netherlands, as the main construction of the residential complex is made out of steel and using heavy, stone-like materials is to be avoided.


Building type Living
Location Rotterdam
Architect Ibelings van Tilburg architecten
Contractor Van Wijnen

A gem marked by transparency

Vorsselmans was already involved in the engineering process of the fa├žade and worked closely with the architect and contractor. We used well-isolated window and door frames at the gallery. We dressed the entire tower in glass. With Micky Mouse ears designed especially for this project, the screen-rinted glass was attached to the steel structure. Because of the large glass panes, the building is a true gem that shows what transparency looks like. Between the two towers, there’s a common sheltered rooftop garden at an altitude of 40 metres.

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