DPG Media

Belgian construction group Besix built the new DPG Media head office at Antwerp’s Kievit square. The building is 46m high and was designed by Binst Architects from Antwerp. Vorsselmans was included as façade constructor later on.


Building type Offices
Location Antwerpen
Architect Binst Architects
Contractor BESIX

Offices and publicly accessible facilities

This project brings about a new dynamic in the entire railway station environment. The future head office will be the connection between the existing buildings and the urban planning settings already under development on Van Immerseel street. In the plinth of the building, there are several publicly accessible hospitality and catering businesses, like a restaurant, coffee bars and multimedia businesses that exude DPG Media’s 24/7 economy.


The façades are all-sided in design, which means that every façade is equal to the others in value. The building was constructed with sustainable and modern materials that exude DPG Media’s international image. Higher up, the design provides four generous and accessible rooftop gardens that make a positive contribution to the living and working environment of the hundreds of employees and visitors. The crown of the building is bordered by belvedere, which presents the visitor with a 360° view of Antwerp.

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