Groep Van Roey

Groep Van Roey built a new head office with a foundation of  1,150 m² and four construction layers. Architect Reginald Schellen and Van Roey truly care about the comfort of employees and clients, but also focused a lot on the environment and energy-efficiency.


Building type Offices
Location Rijkevorsel
Architect Reginald Schellen
Contractor Groep Van Roey
Groep Van Roey and Vorsselmans have a similar way of doing business. We like quality and a good execution, with as little problems as possible. Our new office building is a perfect example of that. I’m quite proud of it, actually. Marc Bernaerts, former CEO of Groep Van Roey

Groep Van Roey is one of Vorsselmans most loyal customers. We’ve been working together for decades. Our two family businesses truly found common ground in our motto “actions speak louder than words”. We share the same quality, engineering and commitment goals. That means we get the best results. The fact that Groep Van Roey picked us to be its façade builder for its new head offices, is a nice cherry on top of our long-term partnership.

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