Vorsselmans gevelbouw Janssens Beton
Vorsselmans gevelbouw Janssens Beton

J. Janssens & Zonen

Sinds 1928 is J. Janssens & Zonen een gevestigde waarde in de Noorderkempen. Net zoals Vorsselmans NV, is ook J. Janssens & Zonen een familiebedrijf waar bij hen momenteel de 3e én 4e generatie aan het roer staat. In samenwerking met LV-Architecten, stelde J. Janssens & Zonen Vorsselmans NV aan voor het buitenschrijnwerk.


Building type Offices
Location Sint-Lenaarts
Architect LV-Architecten
Contractor Vanhout.pro

Complete integration with the existing showroom

From the client’s intent to revitalise the offices and showroom of their company, we came up with the idea to build completely new offices next to the existing showroom and to integrate the latter architecturally.

The new location provided the opportunity to have a view of the entire company site from the office: the concrete plant, the construction materials and the car park for trucks. On the other side, the view extends to the church tower, across the canal where materials are also delivered by inland ships.

Vorsselmans gevelbouw Janssens Beton

Central location

The new office building is the center of the site, around which all business takes place. To reinforce this, the building was placed on a pedestal that accentuates the various entrances to the building. The materialisation of the office building reflects the company’s core business: concrete and brick.

Taking the proposed framework in mind, materials were carefully selected to decorate and finish the building that will catch the eye of all visitors and potential clients.

Vorsselmans gevelbouw Janssens Beton
Vorsselmans gevelbouw Janssens Beton
Vorsselmans gevelbouw Janssens Beton

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