The new KeenSystems headquarters is located along Gemert’s outer road. The building has three levels and each level has its own function, which is apparent in both the interior and the exterior.


Building type Offices
Location Gemert
Architect Denkkamer architectuur & onderzoek
Contractor Bouwbedrijf Hendriks

The ground floor is included in the noise barrier. The first floor is the largest part. This part of the building is oriented in such a way that the long façades face the two special qualities of the location: the pond, surrounded by greenery, and the historical field in the southeast.

The first floor was constructed with reflective glass and rotated (with respect to the first floor). The curtainwall system is suspended from the two storeys’ floors, while concealing the anchor points. Because the studs pass in front of both floors, minimal detailing remains above and below, and the floors disappear behind the façade. For example, the sashes on the outside of the studs are also deepened, concealing the screws. This creates a rectangular box, which is slightly skewed to the underlying box.

The construction, materials, and detailing all aim to accentuate KeenSystem’s Hi-Tech personality.

The construction on top of the noise barrier is characterised by trusses in the façades that dramatically elongate the whole. The copper-coloured anodised aluminium and the reflective glass are detailed with great precision. The copper-coloured anodised aluminium is brushed on the in- and outside, leaving a matte finish. The first storey also protrudes in front of the floors with minimal visible detailing and concealed anchor points. A new aluminium extrusion was developed for the project to give the noses on the outside the desired shape.

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