Logistical Park Waasland Aertssen

The new elliptical headquarters for Aertssen Group in the Logistical Park Waasland (Verrebroek) is a true eye-catcher thanks to its peculiar shape. Vorsselmans designed the striking façade with Mertens architects.


Building type Offices
Location Verrebroek
Architect Mertens Architecten
Contractor Cordeel

A challenging project

This project was characterised by multiple challenges. For instance, we used scaffolding-free construction techniques, as headquarters is surrounded by logistics warehouses. This required large panes of glass to be placed from the inside into a curtain wall. The dimensions were crucial: a segmented curtain wall needed to blend perfectly with the round façade cladding of Limeparts-Drooghmans.
From an aesthetic point of view, we decided to use the most narrow profiles that offer maximum transparency. Vorsselmans went with the Schüco FWS50 curtain wall profile.

Transparant building

The building’s transparency, with its abundance of light and warmth, requires a high-performance shading and fire resistance. In the initial design, the façade balconies along the building were more narrow. That’s why we broadened te horizontal connections between the curtain walls. This way, the threat of fire spreading easily was diminished, the distance from glass pane to glass pane was increased and the direct solar radiation was limited.

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