Modern villa

Location Kruibeke
Architect Johan Buelens

A customer shares their story

A fantastic view with a strong sense of safety, comfort and ease of use. Stuer family

“The house faces the South and we don’t have any trees for shade, so we have a lot of sun. The outside becomes the inside.”

A monumental villa

On the outside the villa with the stone facade looks imposing, monumental even, but on the inside you have the opposite feeling. The combination of concrete and oak, makes the concrete seem less cold, bringing warmth to the interior. The high windows look out onto the Waasland fields, inside the open plan kitchen and hearth have a cosy feeling. The result of a good collaboration between the architect, interior designer and client.


On the rear fa├žade the windows are just as high, adding to the appearance and quality of this home. They don’t only guarantee a fantastic view, but also a high level of safety, comfort and easy of use, which is typical for Vorsselmans. The windows can not be opened by hand, but only with the home automation system. The engine that moves the windows is hidden in the ceiling, invisible for the eye. Other elements such as sensors and tubes are also invisible.

(source: Article The Art Of Living BE02)

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