The Radboudumc is an academic medical centre for patient care, research end education, located in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Radboudumc wants to be a frontrunner in the development of innovative, sustainable and affordable health care. Almost 12,000 employees and more than 3,000 students work here on the future of health care and medical sciences.

Building type Education
Location Nijmegen
Architect EGM Architecten
Contractor Bouw4Care VOF

Radboudumc Main building

The new main building, was the final part of the renewal plan of Radboudumc. A compact and future-oriented building that aligns with the mission and vision of the hospital. This building mainly focuses on inpatient and neurosensory healthcare

It also functions as the main entrance to the campus. The design principle that was chosen is ‘healing environment’. Light, air, space, views and a green surrounding of gardens and roof top terraces are very important in this design. Both for the spaces for patients as for employees.

A compact and clear healthcare environment

The Main building (previously building S) replaces a number of buildings that didn’t meet the standards and wishes of Radboudumc. The square meters were reduced drastically to create a compact, easy to navigate and accessible care environment. The building was designed in a generic way, with a clear and flexible structure, to anticipate on future changes in function. There is a high level of standardisation in the polyclinics, clinics and the spaces for the staff, however we were able to maintain the unique identity of the separate departments.


For this project, Vorsselmans installed about 1,000 window frames and about 2,350m2 of façade – a total of 4,850m2 of glass surface. Half of the window frames have a part that opens, creating light, air and a view, respecting the principles of a ‘healing environment’.

To be able to meet the technical and aesthetic wishes, we had to develop many tailor-made solutions. Besides aluminium curtain walls, we also used wooden (Stabalux) curtain walls for this project (about 4,75m2, of which 270 m2 is fire resistant).

The stiles and rails are made out of 60 or 80 mm laminated larch. The production of these was outsourced, but the engineering, work preparation and assembly were completely taken care of by Vorsselmans. Additionally, we made sure the project had all the necessary certificates.

BREEAM Excellent

The design for the new Main building received the BREEAM certificate. This makes Radboudumc the first academic medical center in The Netherlands with this certificate and also the hospital with the highest score of all hospitals in the Netherlands.

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