Staalbeton is an important supplier in the construction industry and offers its clients custom products through its reinforcement plant, metal joinery and prefab department.
Its original offices were getting too small and in 2019, Staalbeton decided to build a new office building. The firm Schellen architecten took the lead in the design phase.


Building type Offices
Location Rijkevorsel
Architect Schellen Architecten
Contractor Groep Van Roey

Creative plan with patio

The design had to respect the production halls that take up an important space on the company site. It turned into a creative plan with an impressive gatehouse between two workshops. Daily traffic can pass under that gatehouse and thus easily reach and leave the site.

An original patio with a beautiful tree lets daylight into the offices and integrates nature into the building. This project exudes tranquillity, a pleasant counterweight to the high-paced production environment surrounding the building.

For this project, Vorsselmans was responsible for a combination of a curtain wall, windows, doors, an automatic sliding door, screens and blinds. Almost all these elements come together in this patio. And adding a solitary tree makes the courtyard two stories high. Three of the façades connect to the central courtyard garden – all of them equipped with FWS50 curtain wall.

On the ground floor, the courtyard garden is accessible via a sliding door and on the first floor, the outdoor patio is accessible via a revolving door.

A striking façade

We used vertical, glass blinds to keep the sun out without losing the view – just like we did for the head office of Van Roey Group, located next to Steel Concrete. The colour of the blinds provides a warm, coppery glow at sunset. The shading units are concealed behind horizontal Renson Linius type blinds.

These gratings were prefabricated and installed as elements 6m wide using the construction crane. All the gratings and glass balustrades are tightly framed by roof hoods and gutters made of aluminium.

This project also used high-quality vacuum insulation panels in the curtain walls.

We cherish our long-lasting collaboration with Groep Van Roey. This local project was just another piece of great teamwork. 

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