Vorsselmans gevelbouw Maria Montessori Nijmegen
Vorsselmans gevelbouw Maria Montessori Nijmegen

Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori is the new building of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Radboud University Nijmegen.
Named after the female Italian anthropologist, this is the most sustainable building on campus, with a ‘BREEAM-NL Excellent’ certificate.


Building type Education
Location Nijmegen
Architect Inbo
Contractor Berghege / Heerkens Van Bavel

Distinctive aspects of the project

Sustainable material usage

Jumbo glazing

Sloped façades


Vorsselmans contributed by designing a high-insulating façade with triple glazing. In the connecting bridge between the construction parts, jumbo glazing weighing as much as 1,250 kg and 7 metres high was installed. Sustainability was also paramount in the choice of materials. For instance, for the vertical plank cladding, Resysta was chosen. This innovative biomaterial consists of 60% rice grains and provides a warm appearance within the austere white concrete frames. Engineering and design were executed in close cooperation with Limeparts-Drooghmans. In the grey and bronze-coloured cassette cladding between the storeys, nest boxes for sparrows and swallows were integrated, as well.

Vorsselmans gevelbouw Maria Montessori Nijmegen

Flowing façade contours in nature

The building has been accurately fitted within the wooded landscape by creating a flowing façade shape, using curves instead of corners and incorporating the slope of the underlying terrain in the façades.
The new build of the Maria Montessori building is a perfect example of a successful partnership. This project involved a tendering process, for which we worked with contractor Berghege Heerkens construction group and architectural concrete supplier Microbeton, so we could guarantee a seamless integration of architectural concrete, glazing, aluminium and façade cladding.

Vorsselmans gevelbouw Maria Montessori Nijmegen

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