Vorsselmans Vitrocsa aluminium ramen
Vorsselmans Vitrocsa aluminium ramen

Renovated home

The eye-catcher in this renovation project by the Mechelen-based architectural firm dmvA are the Vitrocsa sliding windows whose opening parts cross each other. The profiles of these sliding windows have a view width of only 2 cm, giving the entire home a very minimalist appearance. By varying the position of the opening sections, the rear extension can either function as a covered terrace or as an extension to the living space.

Location Brugge
Architect dmvA Architecten

Sliding glass walls

As an extension, a maximally glazed pavilion was added which, by means of intersecting sliding glass doors, can be divided into four quadrants. In response to the city of Bruges’ strict urban planning regulations, which only allow sloping roofs, each space – each quadrant – is bordered at the top by a truncated pyramid-shaped roof with a skylight.

‘Intelligent’ garden room as a natural climate control

The extension houses the sanitary facilities with cloakroom, a multi-purpose room with treadmill, the kitchen and a ‘covered patio – garden room’. This space can be closed on the garden side with a sliding door and can be used during the summer months as a covered patio, thus providing natural sun protection for the south-west-facing glazed façades. In between seasons and in winter, this covered patio can be transformed into a garden room where sunlight can be turned into heat as much as possible. Moreover, this garden room becomes a fully-fledged indoor space with the allure of an outdoor space. That’s how a flexible design leads to double use of the space.


By maximally glazing the façades of the extension, by using the minimal sliding window profile and by using the same finishing materials inside and out, the boundaries between the in- and outdoors fade. The exterior feel and the white detailed interior finishing lead to a soothing zen-like interior.

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