Craftsmanship for life

Vorsselmans guarantees high-quality aluminium windows and doors, complicated façade constructions and solar panels. And a feel for design, an eye for detail and a heart for craftsmanship push us forward.

We’ll lead the way during the entire construction project so you can rely on all our knowledge and experience. This way, we can share our passion with the architect, the contractor and the builder.

Residential construction

Aluminium windows for every home

Our aluminium carpentry can be made to fit any construction style. It’s also energy-efficient, sustainable and easy to manage.

Our high-quality profiles and the advice of our experts will give you the perfect solution for any new build or renovation idea.


Contemporary solutions for a modern look


The perfect amount of character


Sleek and perfectly integrated in your home
Project construction

A solution for any project

We don’t shy away from a challenge. Thanks to our broad knowledge and experience, we always come up with an innovative solution, no matter how complicated your project is. We guide you through the entire construction process and guarantee the highest quality because we make sure you get the perfect team for the job.

This will turn your project into a real eye-catcher.







Solar panels

Vorsselmans solar panels

Vorsselmans Solar is your solar panel partner.

Enjoy the top-notch quality of our products and our excellent service, and invest in a sustainable future with a nice return on investment.

The integration of BIPV in your façades makes your building more sustainable.

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Our story

For 50 years now, Vorsselmans has been a leader when it comes to aluminium windows and doors, façade constructions and solar panels. For instance, we design, manufacture and install high-quality windows and façades with architects, contractors and builders. 

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